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Corporate Investigations and White Collar Defense

Corporations, executives, and even employees are facing increased scrutiny from both federal and local prosecutors in connection with a wide range of investigations with the potential for criminal penalties, regulatory punishments, and substantial fines. Local prosecutors have also allocated resources to newly formed White Collar Crime divisions and have initiated prosecutions targeting doctors, accountants, engineers, contractors and other professionals, to name a few. In this prosecutorial environment, it is more critical than ever for entities and individuals who are subjects of, or witnesses to, investigations to have the ability to respond appropriately when faced with a grand jury subpoena for testimony or company documents, government requests for information, or notice of a pending criminal filing. Individuals contacted by law enforcement should recognize that the risks of interacting with government agencies are potentially life changing and should not be handled without an experienced attorney.

Our team delivers sophisticated and thorough representation to companies and individuals who have been criminally charged or are subjects of ongoing investigations and serve as counsel to witnesses and victims of crime. We have defended clients and conducted internal investigations related to numerous fraudulent schemes including theft, tax fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, structuring, and campaign finance violations, import/export violations, environmental crimes, and numerous other fraudulent schemes.

Our representative matters include:

  • Owners and operators of a construction company charged with theft and
    violation of California’s prevailing wage laws for not timely paying all required fringe benefits.
  • A former employee of an engineering firm charged with forgery, identity theft,
    and grand theft based on allegations he submitted engineering plans to city building departments without a license. This case originally charged over 450 crimes, making it the largest number of criminal counts ever brought in a single case by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.
  • International construction company and its employee investigated for theft and fraud on a
    federal government contract.
  • Corporation investigated for fraud related to federal government service contracts on
    several military bases.
  • A Russian citizen who was arrested in the United States for illegal possession
    of ammunition and firearms apparatus without an export permit, in violation of numerous technical federal statutes.
  • An individual client against charges of fraudulently obtaining SSI and other state
  • A former judicial officer charged with structuring his bank deposits below the federal
    reporting limit and in an effort to hide his true income.
  • An individual investigated for wire fraud and forgery related to the passing of bad checks
  • A former employee of a company under investigation by federal agencies in Florida for
    participating in a life insurance scam and related mail fraud, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.
  • An international company investigated by OSHA and the Environmental Crimes Unit of
    a district attorney’s office for criminal nuisance and dumping of hazardous waste related to a release of anhydrous ammonia from one of its industrial plants.
  • A company alleged to have violated federal import-export and customs statutes when it
    imported certain items for its business.
  • Foreman of a construction project cited for local environmental codes
  • Company whose employee had stolen millions of dollars in company funds
    over the course of several years.
  • Several witnesses before the grand jury related to the investigation of federal
    campaign finance laws.
  • Pool counsel to employees of major hospital and health care facility under federal
    investigation for fraud;
  • A former employee of a company investigated for real estate, mortgage and
    bankruptcy fraud.
  • Witness in ongoing federal “birthing center” investigation.