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International Law

We represent a number of clients with multijurisdictional needs.
Matters we have been involved in include:

  • Negotiation of a power purchase agreement, and grid interconnection agreement with the Government of Armenia, and the development of a wind energy park on behalf of an international consortium.
  • Filing of an amicus brief on a case pending before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic on a complex legal framework of multiple jurisdictions, leading to a favorable verdict for the Plaintiff in a case that had been pending for over 11 years.
  • Successfully resolving a US inheritance for French Nationals.
  • Overseas asset disposition issues of US Citizens.
  • Consulting services in connection with the development of an industrial complex known as Azov City in the Russian Federation.
  • Consulting services on Mineral rights and licensing agreements with UK firm.

Currently, the Firm provides legal services to a television network channel which broadcasts in the United States, Israel and Europe.